Julien Bryan's Photographs

7-21 September 1939

Julien Bryan's driver stops Bryan from waving to a crowd of Polish spectators in besieged Warsaw.

Ten-year-old Zygmunt Aksienow with the canary in the cage, corner of Wójtowska and Przyrynek Streets in Warsaw's New Town, September 1939.

Julien Bryan (with a camera) and German prisoners of war held in Pawiak prison in Warsaw in September 1939. 

Julien Bryan and his associates stopped by a policeman.

The victims of a bombing near a residential house at 99 Żelazna Street, September 8, 1939.

The inhabitants of the Praga district of Warsaw amid the destruction in September 1939, Przyrynek Street .

Nine-year-old Ryszard Pajewski sits on the rubble of a house on the corner of Blaszana and Olszowa streets in Warsaw, which had been shelled by the German aeroplanes.