The creation of this website is the end result of my urges to write about history, present it in an organised and coherent way and experiment with different ways in which to construct it. I enjoy the act of creation but have often struggled to focus it in any specific area. I have dabbled in writing before but have bounced around different subjects and topics – lacking a singular area of focus. Finally, having the time (and hopefully the focus) I realised that the challenge of trying to record and describe this epic and important event was something that appealed to me.

Not being a coder, the structure of a ‘drag and drop’ website allows me to create my own platform to work on, whilst also being flexible enough to change and add to it as I go. Having a layered menu system with various subcategories has helped me organise my thoughts and ideas and added a sense of chronological order to what I write – even if it is not always strictly adhered to. And it allows me to focus on a multitude of aspects – from huge, campaign defining battles to minor skirmishes in little known settlements. 

I am not aiming to create anything at an ‘academic’ level – there are far better qualified individuals out there and they tend to narrow their focus to specific events or individuals. My aim is to offer a broad, reasonably detailed record of the events, individuals, politics, technology and reasons as to why and how this conflict occurred. Accessible to hopefully many - from the novice to the casual history fan.